Unsung Hero of the Year


Lobna El Shafie

Oath / Tumblr


Lobna gets things done, improves the process and gets cross-functional teams with different agendas, goals & KPIs to work in the same direction and deliver stellar results. She has been the core driver of the launch and phenomenal success of Tumblr commercially in the EMEA region, driving what has consistently been Yahoo’s fastest growing revenue stream since launch. She is focused, tireless, and alongside her can-do attitude, is always, always smiling.

Highly Commended

Vittorio Capasso



Vittorio has excelled and made significant impact to the business, internally and externally, since joining this team. His key strengths are his vast knowledge on programmatic, his constant positive attitude and his team-player attitude.

He’s one of the most knowledgeable optimization strategists on the team. He is respected not only for his professional attributes, but also for his dedication and infectious personality.

Vittorio’ knowledge on the DSP is impeccable. His optimisation work has a direct impact on our revenue, always-on campaigns, upweights and new bookings; delivering over £50k upweight on an account he has recently been managing.


Elisa Masi

Rocket Fuel


Elisa has recently joined the SaaS arm of Rocket Fuel; her primary role being onboarding and supporting clients as they up-skill on the Rocket Fuel DSP. Her past experience of campaign management, coupled with great drive, focus and productivity has accelerated her success in a first client-facing technical role. Always going over and above to ensure clients are confident and using the platform effectively, she has increased client satisfaction and usage across a wealth of accounts. Moreover, she has proactively spent time pulling together best practise guides across multiple DSP use cases, all to help streamline clients platform experience.




Ollie Candon, Rocket Fuel

David Graham, Mobsta

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