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LoopMe wanted to provide a new solution for brands and agencies, recognising that many struggle to make mobile marketing attributable to brand metrics. PurchaseLoop uses Artificial Intelligence to deliver ads to consumers who are most likely to help hit brand objectives. AI identifies which users have the highest probability of delivering the desired outcome in that moment, like increasing their intention of buying a product or considering a brand, all occurring in real time. Typically brands and agencies can expect to see 2 – 3 times uplift on their brand campaign metrics and it has received praised for offering unique solution to the market.

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Captify - Search Intelligence


Six years ago the technology was built to harness the intent shown by consumers through search (Search Data), using it to power innovative advertising formats not typically associated with search. Search reveals the key information that marketers are desperate to know to better inform strategic planning, but also search data is the most powerful and proven data set to power advertising across all devices. Lack of transparency into consumer behavior and interests (in real-time) and lack of data that performs are two major problem areas brands and advertisers have suffered from in the past 10 years. Captify’s unique data set and evolutionary Semantic technology have revolutionized the search game, solving these problems for the globe’s biggest brands. In this entry we’ll tell you how our technology has evolved and the results our brands see off the back of it.




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