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Since launch five years ago, LoopMe have worked to continuously expand, develop and improve their core offering: Artificial Intelligence. The last 12 months have marked rapid growth as new products designed to solve brand and agency needs were developed. PurchaseLoop for Brand Uplift and Foot Traffic were both successfully launched to market, while a new cross-screen offering opened-up additional opportunities for agency partners. Through this year of innovation, the in-house team, from data science and product to creative, sales and client services, has worked to provide clients with best-in-class technology, solutions and client support.

Highly Commended

iotec Global


iotec is the next generation of programmatic companies combining the use of advanced machine learning with ethical business practice. Founded on the principle of transparency we believe that a dynamic and open digital advertising marketplace needs to flourish and best practice will support that. We marry programmatic with sophisticated machine learning to ensure we deliver not only the best performance for our customers, but also provide full transparency through clear, actionable insights, media costs and margins. We are iotec, the purpose built Intent Marketing Specialist.

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