Unsung Hero of the Year


Fikret Hassan

Telegraph Media Group


Fikret started his career in AdOps at the end of 2014 as a graduate to the team with no prior ops experience. From his background in Computing Systems and Software Engineering he quickly established himself as the “go to guy” for all ad-tech related issues and became much more than a campaign manager.

Fikret’s achievements in such a short space of time are outstanding. His contribution to the business is unique as he manages to juggle a sound understanding of commercial pressures whilst considering technical capabilities of products.

Asking people across the business how they would describe Fikret in one word they responded with: “irreplaceable” “vital” “productive” “valuable”.

Highly Commended

Mary Clarke



Since joining Collective as an intern, Mary quickly established a role for herself and was promoted to Optimisation Manager after only four months.

Described by a colleague as an “AdOps rock”, she has successfully managed tens of millions of pounds worth of campaigns. Her personality has helped build partnerships with the Sales team and external agency contacts by understanding business objectives and optimising accordingly – delivering improved performance and insight.

Mary’s pro-activeness and willingness to help maintains Collective’s reputation for high levels of servicing and she achieves this in a manner which doesn’t shout for attention – very much the definition of a Media Owner ‘Unsung Hero’.  


Ali Al-Talib



Despite only being with Collective for 15 months, Ali Al-Tabib has become a key player in our team, significantly enhancing the quality of our data and research insights for briefs and campaigns.

The energy he brings is infectious and in a busy working environment he has quickly demonstrated an ability to be reliable, knowledgeable and professional.

He doesn’t provide stock answers to data targeting requests but instead liaises with our data providers to create appropriate strategies for each individual client’s needs.

Ali is always ahead of the game in anticipating what colleagues and clients might need, proactively delivering quality data that can drive business solutions.




Claire Murray, Captify

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