Winners of the IPA’s 2012 Media Owner Awards

Spotify, Google, Associated, ITV and The Telegraph were just some of the 16 winners announced last night (Tuesday 13th November 2012) at the IPA’s Media Owner Awards (the MOA) ceremony held at the Honourable Artillery Company, London. Now in its second year running, the awards are designed to showcase best practice from online media owners and to raise the industry’s digital standard.

Prizes were handed out for eight submission-based awards ranging from Most Innovative Online Product (Google for Google Plus) which was a new prize this year, to Commercial Director of The Year (The Telegraph’s James Brown). Five entrants also received Commendations.

A further eight awards were given out based on the results of this year’s IPA’s Online Media Owners Surveys, covering ‘Best’ and ‘Most Improved’ Spotify has won Best Overall Media Owner and AND/Associated has won Most Improved Media Owner.

From a shortlist of fifty-five entries, the following 21 were awarded:

Submission-based MOA winners and commendations:

Most Innovative Online Campaign
Winner: AOL for Inspired by Iceland

Most Innovative Cross-Media Campaign
Winner: Metro for Snickers
Highly Commended: Global Radio for Sky

Most Innovative Online Product
Winner: Google: Google Plus

Most Effective Online Campaign
Winner: Yahoo! for Sainsbury’s

Most Effective Cross-Media Campaign
No winner

Best Unfeatured Media Owner
Winner: Collective

Commercial Director Of The Year
Winner: James Brown, Digital Sales Director, The Telegraph
Highly Commended: Ed Preedy, Commercial Director, Tribal Fusion (Exponential)

Sales Newcomer Of The Year
Winner: Neil Murphy, Senior Commercial Executive, InSkin Media
Highly Commended: Rachael Morris, Account Manager, Infectious Media

Unsung Hero Of The Year
Winner: Caroline Elliott, Head of Account Management, EU, Firefly (Exponential)
Highly Commended: Beth Gordon, Director of Business Marketing, Europe, Spotify
Highly Commended: Neil Whittaker, Head of Design, InSkin Media

Survey-based MOA winners:
Best (based on spring and autumn 2012 combined survey results):

Best Media Owner: Spotify

Best at Innovation: Spotify

Best Partner: AOL

Best at Cross-Media:

Most Improved (based on autumn 2012 vs autumn 2011 survey results):

Most Improved Media Owner: AND/Associated

Most Improved at Innovation: Specific Media

Most Improved at Partnership: AND/Associated

Most Improved Cross-Media:

The judging panel for the submission-based awards was chaired by Pete Robins and made up of members of the IPA Digital Media Group, alongside Alex Tait, Digital Acquisitions Director, American Express.

Says Pete Robins, IPA Digital Media Group Chairman and Managing Partner, Agenda 21: “The level of interest in this year’s MOAs is a positive reflection of how they have grown to be valued by those in the industry. Furthermore, the standard of work from the winners makes them worthy of their awards and they should be congratulated accordingly.”

Says Nigel Gwilliam, IPA Digital Consultant: “The MOAs are our opportunity to champion something very important to our members - receiving great service from their trading partners. We are delighted that such a broad selection of companies are represented amongst our winners and look forward to these awards growing in scale and stature again next year.”

The awards scheme identity draws its heritage from a moa; a large now extinct, (although sometimes spotted at awards ceremonies!) New Zealand bird that walked the earth for 60 million years.

Summaries on winning campaigns/personalities

Submission-based MOA winners and commendations:

Most Innovative Online Campaign - AOL for Inspired by Iceland

Promote Iceland was looking for an innovative way to reach new audiences online to highlight Iceland as a year-round holiday destination. AOL, Brooklyn Brothers and Islenska collaborated to create a cross-platform campaign that engaged the target audience in a range of different ways and places. Spanning a UK-first Huffington Post brand channel, video, blog and social content, the campaign delivered over 21 million impressions across key markets with a CTR of 23.1% (the highest ever recorded by AOL). Most importantly, consideration of Iceland as their next holiday destination increased by 130% for those exposed to the campaign.

Most Innovative Cross-Media Campaign - Metro for Snickers

Snickers wanted a media partnership that resonated with a male audience and would take advantage of cultural events throughout the year to maximise it’s ‘You’re Not You When You’re Hungry’ campaign. Metro successfully delivered an innovative cross-media solution incorporating in-paper, mobile, digital, sampling, editorial and gaming platforms. A specially created Fantasy Football-style game with a competition element to win Euro 2012 tickets topped off an exciting, creative and interactive campaign that delivered on clients’ objectives.

Most Innovative Online Product – Google: Google Plus

Google Plus is the fastest-growing website of all time – with 250 million registered accounts after just one year. It brings the benefit of personal recommendations to Google search and ads, delivering them when people need them most and making it easy to start conversations with those that care about a particular brand. Google+ pages allow sharing of content with new audiences and connect with them in more engaging ways.

Most Effective Online Campaign - Yahoo! for Sainsbury’s

In October 2011, Sainsbury’s launched a nine week campaign on Yahoo! Consumer Connect. For the first time, instead of just targeting one brand, Yahoo! altered the formula to look at the entire baby category for Sainsbury’s, which was lagging in sales. Sainsbury’s needed to alter engrained price perceptions within the aisle and reconnect with their target audience to ultimately drive sales. Yahoo!’s approach proved effective in driving offline sales for Sainsbury’s by increasing customer penetration and encouraging cross-selling within the aisle. The campaign successfully delivered an ROI of £5.41 for every £1 spent - 59% above the average industry norm benchmark for a Consumer Connect campaign.

Best Unfeatured Media Owner – Collective

Collective started the year as an audience-targeting brand display business and twelve months later has evolved into a business with a breadth and depth of product offering that rivals some of the biggest players in the UK digital space. Today Collective offers high impact pre-roll video on high quality publisher sites, in-house rich media design and build capabilities, audience-targeted standard and large format display, audience-modelled direct response, dynamic creative optimisation and both a video and display RTB-enabled exchange business.

Commercial Director Of The Year –James Brown, Digital Sales Director, The Telegraph

James Brown is a very focused and driven commercial leader with a proven track record of success, fuelled by an excellent understanding of digital media. Throughout the judging period he has achieved the following:

Ø Built an award winning digital sales team

Ø Lead the delivery of substantial business results

Ø Lead the digital sales and ad ops team to provide a first class service to agencies

Ø Drove innovative initiatives to dramatically move the business forward

Ø Developed invaluable relationships with agencies

Sales Newcomer Of The Year -Neil Murphy, Senior Commercial Executive, InSkin Media

Neil’s promotion to Senior Commercial Executive is testament to conveying the value he has brought to InSkin Media in his 18 months at the company. Coming from a TV background Neil knew little about Online Media, but made a point of learning quickly (funding his own IAB digital certificate) and making an immediate impact within the agencies he represents. His performances have been nothing short of outstanding and the testimonials ring true. He is one of life’s nice guys, and will go very far in this industry.

Unsung Hero Of The Year - Caroline Elliott, Head of Account Management, EU, Firefly (Exponential)

Caroline joined Tribal Fusion 18 months ago to set up a creative support function for the UK sales team, managing all Firefly Video campaigns. Until recently, Caroline has singlehandedly managed all requests, liaising with external and internal customers to ensure clients’ Firefly creatives are set live within agreed timescales. Caroline’s creativity, enthusiasm and organised approach has enabled her to implement a creative process that the UK business relies on. This led to a promotion in January, driving creative best practice across all of our European markets.

Survey based MOA winners;

Best Media Owner - Spotify

As the Grand Prix award, this is the most coveted and therefore one of the most competitive. Consistency is key and as well as topping the Spring survey, Spotify averaged highest and is only one of two media owners to feature in the Top five in both 2012 surveys. This is an incredible feat for Spotify in their inaugural year on the survey.

Best at Innovation - Spotify

Coming top in both the spring and autumn 2012 surveys, Spotify absolutely dominated the ‘Best at Innovation’ category. They are the only media owners to have over 60% of respondents in both 2012 surveys agreeing or agreeing strongly that they deliver innovative creative solutions.

Best Partner - AOL

Although difficult to measure, a sense of partnership is something agencies place tremendous value on. To understand why AOL does so well, you only need to look at the breadth and strength of their performance across all questions on the spring and autumn 2012 surveys. It is difficult to find any criteria in either survey where AOL does not appear in the top five places.

Best at Cross-Media -

With this win, The Telegraph becomes the first and only media owner to retain their winning position in a MOAs award category. They scored highest for understanding cross media in both 2012 surveys, making it five in a row where they have held this position.

Most Improved Media Owner – AND/Associated

The simple fact is that AND/Associated’s autumn 2012 survey score was exceptional in its own right. When compared to a year earlier, there was only going to be one winner for this category. Consistent performance at this level would make Associated a serious contender for the Best Media Owner award in 2013.

Most Improved at Innovation - Specific Media

Year on year, Specific Media posted the greatest improvement in those agreeing that they deliver innovative creative solution. A perennial success story on the IPA media owner story, they are one of only two media owners to win survey-based awards both this year and last.

Most Improved at Partnership – AND/Associated

Associated will be the media owner to watch in 2013. An improving sense of partnership together with their award for Most Improved Media Owner makes this a year on the up for Associated.

Most Improved at Cross-Media -

A strong autumn 2012 performance has seen ITV take the ‘Most Improved at Cross Media’ award. With further room for improvement, we hope this is the beginning of a protracted upward trend for a media owner that has every opportunity to excel in the service they provide to agencies.