About the Survey

The IPA online Media Owner and Adtech Survey is designed to highlight the levels of service suppliers  provide and outline where improvements can be made, with the aim of helping the growth of digital advertising, providing a voice for the industry and raising the digital standard in general.

The Survey collects over 350 responses and has been carried out biannually since April 2007 by digital planners, strategists, buyers and specialists in IPA member media agencies.

Respondents are asked to rate top trading and adtech partners against a set of 14 (Roger – can you update this number pls)  image attributes on a seven point scale.

The results are announced in April and November yearly. A shortlist for potential survey winners will be announced in October, with the winners being revealed at the Awards ceremony in November.

Media Owners who do not feature in the top 25 trading partners have the opportunity to appear in future surveys in one of two ways. Firstly, by entering the new Best ‘Unfeatured’ Media Owner category, submissions should showcase examples of how their company have demonstrated best practice against key IPA Online Media Owner Survey criteria. The winner of this category will feature in the next year’s survey questions. (KP needs to confirm this part)

Secondly, tailored reports for individual media owners can be commissioned upon request. 

Please contact Nigel Gwilliam with any queries.